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Sunshade Awnings

Sunshade or sunshade awnings are specially designed for sun protection. They can be manually operated or automated with sun and wind systems.

Ideal for hot summer days where everyone wants to enjoy a cool shade on the terrace or the garden.

Types of sunshade canopies

There are different sunshade awnings in the market, depending on the user's need the environment:

Awning Umbrella canopy: This type of awnings is designed for terraces with table and chairs, to enjoy in the shade of a good evening. They are awnings much larger than an umbrella and perfectly cover a square area that we want to protect from the sun.

Awning canopy / canopy sunshade: To enjoy all kinds of social gatherings and protect against the weather. This awning of square structure, is anchored to the wall with two supports. In the upper part we find a retractable awning that protects from the sun's rays and rain.

Canopy canopy in pergola with tarpaulins: It is the largest sunshade canopy, widely used in leisure areas and restaurants. Its different fabrics of different meters, can be folded and unfold without problem, depending on the time. They are attached to different steel masts that are anchored to the ground and the wall.

What are the advantages of sunshade awnings?

-Stable construction

-Manual or automatic opening mechanism

-Design and contemporary functions

-Installation easy and fast

-Materials of high quality

-Easy maintenance and cleaning of the awning

How should we keep the sunshade awnings?

Being outdoors, the environment and time can harm the appearance of the awning so it is recommended:

-A regular maintenance for a long and useful life

-In the months that we do not use it, protect and store the different elements

- Remove elements that may rest on the awning

- Double the awning when it is no longer in use for long periods

- The awning can be washed, so wash it by hand or in a washing machine and let it dry in the open air.

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