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Rolling Awnings

The Costa Blanca awning roller blinds are just as effective as the other models. They protect from heat and sunlight, and are completely invisible when closed.

Rolling awnings have vertical awnings as their main model. Ready to unfold and disappear, as the canvas is wrapped around a tube inside a chest. In this way, it is protected by occupying the least space.

What are the advantages of roller blinds?

-Facility in the installation

-They are mainly made of polyester canvas and technical fabrics

-Single design made in symmetry, which does not allow to see any technical part of the awning

-Protection solar, wind and rain

-In addition, rolling awnings are adapted to improve the architecture of a house, that is, they can be adapted to complement, cover or lengthen a wall or ceiling.

Types of rolling awnings:

- Awning of manual chest, incorporates the protection box, but closes and opens manually

- Straight awning with manual arms, which is manually rolled with a rod that incorporates.

- Manual vertical awning: Ideal for balconies of small floors, large windows ... and can be purchased in various sizes.

- Manual horizontal awning: Perfect to create a cozy place, since it is the only awning that allows to be installed horizontally, creating a temporary wall and a

new space

- Manual facade awning: They are installed on the exterior walls of houses and are usually of chest type or with arm, being manual opening

Manual awnings are opened and closed with a manual crank, providing total comfort and safety.

You can incorporate, if you want to monitor, intensity sensors of sunlight, and wind, so the opening and closing will be fully intelligent and automated.

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