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120 pergola awning

Pergola 120 x 120

Pergola of 120

This pergola of 120 x 120 is a textil solar protection system, which one allow you to configure it by different options like manual canvas, motorized canvas, structure installed from from the wall, inclination, etc.

All it´s posts are big sizes (120x120mm), getting by this a robust structure.

There are available some accessories to getting a traditional or straight style.

There are available too, a wide range of colors like RAL ones or even wood imitation.

Pergola 120 x120 characteristics:

  • Colors: Lacquered on RAL. SEE RAL COLORS.
  • Fixing options: to the Roof / Wall / Floor.
  • Fabric: Acrylics or Technical Fabric.
  • Opening ways: By engine and riel guides.
  • Inclination: Is advisable 15º as the minimum.
  • Complements: Small roof, to cover some unreachable places.
  • Maximum size advisable: Width: up to 7 meters, Long: up to 7 meters.
  • Maximum size: As it is a customizable product, it has no limits about how big it can be.
  • Motorization: Yes.

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