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Enclosures and Upholstery

Enclosures and Upholstery

Product description

Enclosure with awnings and upholstery usually on private camping ground. Composed mainly of a structure with upholstered PVC roof and curtains with or without window surrounding the structure.

The users of the campsites demand a type of solar protection according to the plot where it is located.

Sometimes the camper leaves his caravan or caravan for a long time on the same plot of the campsite and needs to extend the space and protect it from the sun. The solution is to realize a solid and modular structure with a roof prepared to withstand the intensity of the sun and to protect at least slightly of the light rains and gentle winds. As the fixed structures are not allowed this awning system is ideal, complies with the regulations and allows the user to take advantage of all the space of their plot throughout the year.

Awnings Costa Blanca to the manufacturer has a team of professional installers fully formed that will give solution to any situation of assembly.

Characteristics of the enclosure with awnings and upholstery

  • Colors: Lacquered in RAL, imitation Wood. VIEW RAL COLORS
  • Fixing: Ceiling / Wall / Floor.
  • Fabrics: Acrylics, PVC or Technical Fabrics.
  • Opening: Do not proceed to being upholstered
  • Inclination: A minimum of 14 degrees of inclination is advised
  • Complements: No
  • Models: Tailor-made, according to customer needs
  • Maximum Measurements Recommended: Width up to 7 meters,
  • Maximum Measurement: Being a modular product, there are no limits on both width and extension.

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