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Vertical Awning with box

Vertical Awning with Nautical Box or Semi-Box

Product description:

It is a vertical drop awning system. It can include a transparent plastic window and this one can include boxes printed giving a more elegant appearance. The particularity of this product is the adaptation that it include, of a canvas protector called nautical box o semi-box. It is a small aluminum cylinder where the roller tube is housed and the canvas, protecting the canvas against the weather. Ideal solution if the awning sis not used while a long time.

Its use can be combined to create different types of environment: In winter, it´s ideal to close a space exploding that space by creating a small dining room or a small living room.

Because it protects us against the weather, even it allows the entrance of light, producing a kind closed environment.

In summer, it is ideal to create privacy on this closed space.

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Characteristics of the Nautical Safe or Semi Safe

  • Colors: White and Lacquered in RAL. VIEW RAL COLORS.
  • Fixing: Aluminum brackets to the roof or between walls.
  • Inclination: Vertical Drop.
  • Maximum Measurement: 3 meters of rolling up.
  • Maximum Measurement Recommended: up to 3.5 meters of width.

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