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Product description:

Novel sun protection system consisting of a technical fabric, generally polyester, with high protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays, so harmful to health. This tissue blocks up to 97% of these rays.

This type of sahde sail stretched awning fits perfectly to the surface to be shaded. The design of the same must be made according to the orientation of the area, the route of the sun and the possibilities of anchorage. Toldos Costa Blanca has commercials formed together with a team of installers and an engineering team capable of solving these constraints.

The model can be motorized, detachable or fixed, the latter being not recommended since although it is a fairly resistant awning inclemencies is not fully designed to withstand great winds. If a calculation of the capacity to withstand the wind would be required, an expensive study would have to be carried out to calculate and predict the wind and the way of anchoring the awning stretched to withstand that amount of wind. However, if the client wishes, we can do this type of study.

Characteristics of Shade Sail

Colors: White and Lacquered in Ral SEE RAL COLORS

Fixing: Anchors by plates in the wall, masts or poles

Fabrics: PVC or Technical Fabrics.

Tilt: It is advisable not to be completely flat (horizontal) to avoid accumulation of water as much as possible. In three-point sails it is advisable to form high and low tips to avoid collapse by rain.

Measures: Being a modular product can realize long-distance shading

Recommended maximum measure: of each shade sail is not suitable beyond 20 meters of side

Complements: Motorization and detector wind sun

Motorization: Yes, optional.

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