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Awning Tunnel

Description Tunnel:

The Tunnel-type Awning or simply Tunnel, is a customized structure usually made of galvanized iron, its main characteristic is that it is fixed and upholstered.

The material used for the upholstery in this kind of tunnel awnings, is polyester fabric covered with PVC over both faces, its a robust material, impermeable and with the possibility of being fireproof.

Although its main use is for rain protection, it can be configured and manufactured for fixed enclosures for individuals even for restaurant terraces.

Curtains can be placed with or without window on their sides resulting in a very robust and totally waterproof enclosure.

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Features of the Tunnel Awning:

  • Colors: Galvanized, White and Lacquered in Ral SEE RAL COLORS.
  • Complements: Curtains. VIEW COMPLEMENTS.
  • Fabrics: Acrylic, PVC or Technical Fabrics.
  • Recommended Maximum Measure: Limited to existing space.

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