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Pergola 4 posts

Pergola 4 posts

Description of 4-Post Plane or Pergola Awning:

System of flat awning or pergola (also called palillería by the thinner profile that extends the fabric and that is called stick) very versatile and adaptable to any surface to shade.

The possibilities of this pergola system are infinite being able, depending on the type and place of anchorage, in the case that occupies the inexistence of points of anchorage it is necessary to supply it with poles, making possible the construction of the structure.

Our commercial staff will advise you on the best anchoring system and the version that best suits the surface of the pergola.

It has the possibility of adding curtains with or without window to its sides.

Very advisable system for the enclosure of terraces in commercial premises where you can adapt an open place in a cozy place safe from the inclement weather.

Features of 4-Pane Flat or Pergola Awning

  • Colors: Lacquered in RAL, imitation Wood. VIEW RAL COLORS
  • Fixing: Ceiling / Wall / Floor.
  • Fabrics: Acrylic, PVC or Technical Fabrics.
  • Opening: With pulleys. Motorization option
  • Inclination: Optional.
  • Complements: Tejadillo
  • Models: Four posts, Two posts and Between walls
  • Maximum Measurements Advised: Width up to 7 meters,
  • Maximum Measurement: Being a modular product, there are no limits on both width and extension.

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