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Curved Awning with Box

Curved Awning with Box

Product Description:

This system also called window awning consists of a set of two arms measuring between 0.70 and 1.10 meters with a semi-chest system that protects the entire canvas when it is inside the box when the awning is collected.

They can be installed with or without tension, the tensioning system allows the awning to always have enough tension so that the breeze does not stagger the awning and remain as stable as possible.

This awning system with tensioning arms is recommended in areas where light wind is a problem.

The client can choose between single or double fall, the simple one being a parabola of 90 degrees of inclination and double can reach 150º.

Ideal for windows and shops.

Product Features:

Colors: White and Lacquered in Ral SEE RAL COLORS

Fixing: Aluminum brackets to front or ceiling

Fabrics: Acrylics, PVC or Technical Fabrics.

Inclination: If, up to an angle of 150 °, the inclination is determined by the amount of existing canvas.

Recommended maximum measurement: Width up to 6 meters, Extension up to 1.10 meters.


Models: With tension or without tension.

Motorization: Yes, optional.

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