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awning monoblock

Awning monoblock

Product description

Awning system similar to the system of extensible arms and whose difference is in the supports, in the extensible arms these supports can only be placed at the ends of the awning, in the awnings monoblock the supports can be anchored along a bar in several places of The wall or the ceiling and can also be placed as many as needed according to the width of the awning and its extension.

In the monoblock extensible awnings the anchorage system is made up of a bar and supports designed to be anchored to the wall or ceiling and at the same time can carry a bar of the same width as the awning and that allows the attachment of the arms supports , This same bar is the one that facilitates the placement of the necessary anchors and in the case of very large widths the placement of several arms

This system is very secure because it allows to place as many anchors as necessary.

Specially recommended for places where the anchorage of the extensible arm awning system is not safe and in the shading of large areas where it is not possible or not desired to install pergolas.

We have versions that can reach 18 meters wide and 5'10 meters in length.

Colors: White and Lacquered in Ral SEE RAL COLORS

Fixing: Aluminum brackets to front, ceiling or between walls.

Fabrics: Acrylics, PVC or Technical Fabrics.

Tilt: Up to an angle of 80 degrees, it is advisable to avoid installation at 0 degrees and give it a minimum incline of 14 degrees to avoid collapse by water.

Measurements: Up to 24 meters wide and 5'10 meters extension or exit.

Recommended maximum measurement:

Complements: Tejadillo

Versions: Victory modular different widths and up to 5'10 meters extension with double modular Giant bar for different widths and up to 4'85 meters extension

Motorization: Yes, optional.

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