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Awning with box

Awning with box

Product description

Awning system specially designed to fully protect all internal components.

Its design is totally turned into the creation of a hermetic space that protects from the inclemencies of the time the canvas and the fittings that extend it.

Thanks to its great variety of shapes, it perfectly adapts to the structure of each construction, preserving and even improving its design.

We have available versions up to 12 meters wide and 4.35 meters in length.

  • Colors: White and Lacquered in Ral SEE RAL COLORS
  • Fixing: Aluminum brackets to wall or ceiling.
  • Fabrics: Acrylics, PVC or Technical Fabrics.
  • Tilt: Up to an angle of 80 degrees, it is advisable to avoid installation at 0 degrees and give it a minimum incline of 14 degrees to avoid collapse by water.
  • Measures: Up to 12 meters wide and 4.35 meters extension or exit.
  • Recommended maximum measurement:
  • Complements: central sun wind and domotization.
  • Versions: Lite up to 4'50 wide and 2'60 meters extension Plus up to 5'50 wide and 3'10 extension Zenit up to 6 meters wide and 4'35 meters Plumb extension up to 12 meters wide and 4 '35 extension
  • Motorization: Yes, optional.

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