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Pergolas Awnings

awnings of pergolas


Ideal for all types of environment:

The pergolas are ideal for their great adaptation and integration to any place where we place them. They are perfect for all kinds of open spaces and turn a little used space into a perfect place full of life. The different models of pergolas with a wide range of accessories and installation methods allow you to put them in planters, wooden or plastic pallets, fabric or methacrylate covers, lighting, heating ... All this depending on the type of need.

The most used in terraces and restaurants:

It is the most demanded awning and best installed, for terraces of bars and restaurants, since it shelters from the cold, the sun, the wind and rain, creating a microclimate adapted to your premises. In addition, Toldos Costa Blanca, have a high quality UV protection system, with minimalist and classic designs.

Custom designs and systems:

We have different types of pergolas, depending on the customer's need:

-With four posts or two goal posts: With supports designed to be anchored to the ground, so that it is functional and discreet.

-With two posts and another part anchored to the wall: Support pairs and two front posts anchored to the ground.

-From wall to wall: Unique installation anchored by four supports to the walls, without posts.

Main features:

-Design of canvas in different materials: Acrylic, Screen or PVC

-Double slip of pulleys in guides to fold and unfold the awning

-System by modules, which can be added, without limit of extension.

-Variants to choose in the finishing of the bars.

-The columns go straight to the floor with accessories of polyamide and fiberglass, remaining invisible and anchored with four screws to support the weight

awnings of pergolas for terraces awnings with terraces pergolas awnings with customized pergolas

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