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Frequent Asked Questions

¿Do you have questions? ¿Don´t you know what kind of awning to install?

Toldos Costa Blanca can response all your questions.

Toldos Costa Blanca, we are producer of awnings in Alicante, all the province area, and we think with the next asking/questioning we can resolve some common doubts you can have about taking care and mantainig of awnings. But if you have some another one, please don´t hesitate to let us to know.

What is polyester?

The word Polyester comes from the English word polyester. It is a polymer and as such an oil derivative. Its discovery was in 1830 and is a resin very resistant against atmospheric agents and chemicals. Its use has proliferated and is used to clothing, pipes, tubes, paints, fabrics and a large etc.

In the world of solar protection Polyester it has an important relevance since many of the fabrics called technical are made with that base and then processed or covered with PVC or another materials. That polyester fabric is what confers the resistance of the material.

Are there waterproof awnings?

The normal awning it is not designed as waterproof or to resist winds, it is a sun protection element. However, there is a kind of enclosures constructed with fabrics and fittings which ones are designed for great resistance against water and wind. Please contact Toldos Costa Blanca and we´ll advise you about this option.

How resistant against wind can be my awning?

To can response to this question, it is necesary to have in mind several factors as kind of anchorage, where the awning is anchored, and how much of tarpaulin is used for the awning.

Next you can see the UNE classification 13561:

Class 1: resist winds up to 28 km / h.
Class 2: resist winds up to 38 km / h.
Class 3: resist winds up to 49 km / h.

Awning installers must certify the installation since they are who see the anchoring system and the amount of tarpaulin used.

Toldos Costa Blanca has a production certificate of quality, which one provides the client the total security in the application of the security regulations.

What is the positive fall in a pergola?

In Toldos Costa Blanca we define positive rake angle which one facilitates the evacuation of water, that is to say that its slope is in favor of the evacuation of the water.

If a pergola has a positive rake angle, it will always has a better chance to evacuate the rain more quickly than if no, giving the pergola a greater resistance to water.

In Toldos Costa Blanca we advise the client that his pergola always has positive rake angle for the eventual forgetfulness to collect it when there is storm.

What is HORECA channel?

It is the acronym of HOteles REstaurantes and CAfés.

Its origin take place on Netherlands and it has been widely disseminated it use throughout Europe.

Is it possible to install in my house the awning what I want?

Yes, our sales team will advise you, ofering the best solutio for you home or business. Please, have in mind, that if you live in a Owners Comunity, it will be necesary to compliance the laws of it, normally is an specífic color, and if you live in the Historic Center, you will must to get information from the city council, to know if there are laws about the color or kind of awning. You can have a look at the nex link The Eternal conflic of awning instalation in Owners Communities.

Do I need permission to install the awning?

Generally no, but if the instalation is going to involves some alteration of urban aesthetics or it is going to be within a historic downtown, yes you will need one. Our sales team will advise you about this in case you need, since each Community has different regulation about this.

Can I motorize my awning?

Yes, any awning can be installed with a motor, or wind/sun sensor. Ideally it would be to install it at the same moment both together, but also it can be installed after, increasing the cost a little.

Must I roll up my awning if its raining?

If its raining you would must roll up your awning since this is a solar protection, and its not specific against the rain. However, if rains comes over it, and you rolled it after that, it will not rot because it´s an acrylic tarpaulin, but is necesary you unroll it as soon as possible to get a proper drying.

Is my awning waterproof?

The acrylic tarpaulin awning is not completely waterproof, but it can resist a columm of water of 250mm. The real problem is not that it gets wet, but also the weight of the water can broke it, that´s why we recommend to install the new detector of sun and wind, to can avoid these kind of problems.

If the power goes out from my house, will my awning be closed till the end of the engine track?

The engine which has electronic track end as much as which has a mechanic one, will still works after the power goes out from your home.

Can I intall any kind of awning on my house facade?

In general, awning can fit to any house facade. But, as some of them are heavy, it is very important to have in mind some security issues. Our professional team will advise you about this, to get your awning perfectly installed with the maximun security.

How long will an awning last?

The long the awning will last it depends on a few factors: instalation place, weather conditions, how many care it received, kind of awning, etc. In general, the tarpaulin i usually the first to degradate, but normally never before five years.
Please, ask fo a free price quote, to change your tarpaulin if its necessary.

How long would it take to have an awning installed?

It can have it installed one week after since you accept the job (price quote).

How long is the warranty period?

All our awnings has two years warranty starting from those are installed, and any manufacturing defect is covered. Claim alwayr for warranty and certificate of instalation to avoiding problem on insurance in case you need it. Toldos Costa Blanca always deliver the Warranty Certificate once the instalation is done.

What means the CE mark on awnings?

Ce Mark is an European security policy which one claim to the awnings installers to certify the instalation. Toldos Costa Blanca as we are manufactureres, we certify that each one of our awnings complies with the regualtion of the CE mark. Claim for a CE Certificate from the installers.