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Awnings for Windows

The awnings for windows are the most used in the market. They are widely used in both coastal and inland areas, both in winter and summer.

When the good weather arrives and the heat, it is essential to keep the house cool and avoid the sun and heat coming in through the window.

A good shade in your home with a quality canopy of Toldos Costablanca, will make your home safe from high and low temperatures.

Better awning options to install in our windows:

The most used:

-Toddles of Hood: The best option of installation for small windows. They have a square or semi-curved shape and we also have two types, fixed and mobile.

-Tundos of articulated arms: Rolling awnings and with extendable arms that can be hidden or visible. They can reach an inclination of up to 90 degrees. When the arms are closed they fold up while the fabric is rolled up, being collected in the facade.

- Chest pieces: It is known as a straight point awning with automated or manual system of manibela. When the awning is collected, it is collected inside a chest anchored to the facade, allowing conservation, improvement and durability of the canvas.

Other models:

-String arm or arm Stor

-Tolds with invisible arms

-Twin verticals for windows and facades

Advantages of using awnings in the windows

-Principalmente you can fully enjoy your terrace or garden, sheltered from the environment

-Regulation of temperature inside the home

- Energy saving, up to 80% in light, thanks to the air conditioning of the facade when installing the awning.

- Wide variety of designs and colors, with the most current fabrics

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