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Awnings for Camping


The awnings is the waterproof items that will be most useful in a campsite, of course after a caravan or tent

We find campsites of all kinds, beach, mountain, tourist ... Therefore a campsite is the closest thing to a small city and of course private.

Apart from the prefabricated bungalows and cottages, the tents are piled up next to each other as if they were small buildings.

A tent can be very easy to install and come up with a complex process of plot decoration. That is why a campsite without friends and family is not the same, so our plot must be equipped to the last, with the awnings and canvas of last generation.

Advantages of awnings or camping canvas:

-The awnings of rafia are waterproof and cheap. These accessories serve as a canopy or as a cover

- Its main functions should be waterproof, UV protection and wind resistance

-Raffia awnings are all waterproof double layer plastic

-Protection and privacy

-The camping awnings do not have a main function, but they are considered multipurpose, creating ceilings, walls and floors

-Easy assembly thanks to the washers that incorporate

-All types of measurements are available from 1.5x5 meters to 10x15 meters, depending on the need we have.

What camping awnings can we find?

There is a great variety of product of this type, but we want to highlight:

- Waterproof shelter for square camping

-Waterproof shelter for rectangular camping

-Fabric for camping

-Extension of awning for caravan

- Camping awnings

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